5 Thoughtful Corporate Gifting Ideas For A Tech Start up

Tech start ups are on the rise with budding entrepreneurs pushing to bring the highest levels of technology to the general public. Like any other business, nothing is possible without a dedicated and committed work force that has the same dream as the entrepreneur himself. Having said that, we all know how difficult it can be to find motivation in a business that’s not yours. So how does one make his/her employees work as efficiently as possible? Well, proper care and a good working environment is one bit of it, excluding money of course. But all of this has to be supplemented with other forms of motivation. Be it through bonuses, or what we’re here to discuss, corporate gifting.

Now corporate gifts can come in many forms, but what’s key to creative corporate gifting ideas, is research and understanding. One must research what gifting trends are going around in the industry as well as learn about their employees needs and wants. What people tend to forget is that employees don’t just want bonuses, they want a work environment that motivates them to make their bread and butter. If employees are well taken care of, you can bet the company will prosper.

Listed below are our suggestions for the thoughtful and unique corporate gift ideas for tech start-ups:

1. Amazons Alexa

One of the hottest trends in the tech industry, Alexa was originally conceived as an accessory for your home. However, it’s full potential was soon realized and people began to see the benefit of having these in the office as well. Not only can Alexa help schedule calls, set up meetings as well as reminders, it can always be used for a good laugh when needed. Afterall, a comforting work environment is a productive work environment. Now, we aren’t saying buy every employee one these. Not at all! We’re simply suggesting having an Alexa for each team from each individual department. That way, if anything needs research, it can be done without any hassle whatsoever.

Amazon Alexa - Corporate Gifting

2. Eye Strain Prevention Glasses

Sitting in front of a computer screen all day is bound to take a toll on your eyes. With too much exposure to the light being emitted from the screens, employees can fall victim to severe headaches, dizziness and a whole heap of other problems. This is why, gifting strain prevention glasses to your employees is as a thoughtful a gift as any. You can bet they will used and appreciated by your workforce.

Eye strain glasses - corporate gifts

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3. Multi Device Keyboard

In the world of tech start-ups, there is a constant requirement to test apps and other software’s on multiple devices. But some devices, such as tablets and phones can be rather annoying and slow to type on. This is where multi device keyboards chime in as saviours as they can connect to all devices and can be used to type. As a result, it prevents your employees from tearing their hair out trying to test these apps and software’s.

Multi Device Keyword - Corporate Tech Gifts

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4. Wi-Fi Hotspot

These days all businesses are dependent on the internet. So much so that if there is any fault in the LAN or Wi-Fi connection, things can go south rather quick. Having a Wi-Fi hotspot ready in the background can save you and your business from unseen circumstances that hamper your work.

Wi fi Hot spot - Corporate Gifts

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5. Temperature Control Coffee Mugs

You might think this is a bit of gimmick. That is until you realize how often your morning/evening coffee gets cold because you got stuck up in a discussion with another employee or got lost in your own work. With these mugs, your employees will be able to reheat their coffees without having to move away from their seats. As a result, your employees stay happy and all the work gets done on time.

temperature control mug - corporate gift

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The above ideas will not only make your workforce more cheerful, but it will help them be more productive. Afterall, the products mentioned above have been designed to make life more convenient in the office space. The fact that some of them make life a bit more fun is just an added bonus to smile about.

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