The Best Corporate Gifts For Clients – Industry Wise Breakdown

People spend hours online looking for unique corporate gift ideas and what not. However, the answer isn’t in the form of “Oh this gift is really unique and is going to make your client happy”. No, it’s not that simple… we wish it was… but it’s not.

The solution to effective corporate gifting online is in fact being able to find the right gift for your client based on the industry in which he/she operates. Afterall, each industry has a different school of thought. As a result, each individual within a specific industry becomes at one with the most prevalent ideology in that particular field.

If you’re thinking “what on earth is this man on about”, don’t worry. My examples below should be able to explain my case better. So, without further a due, lets look at the best corporate gifts for clients, based on different industries.

Accounts And Finance

The world of finance is quite a boring one…. No offence to those working in this sector. But the harsh reality is, in a field as cutthroat and time consuming as finance, other than basic joys of life, the only other joy comes in the form of statement makers. Afterall, what can you expect from a field that literally exists to manage and make more money that one could ever comprehend.

So, if your clients belong to this industry, you need to ensure the corporate gift you choose, has to look stunning and should carry a sense of opulence and class. For example, a designer pen is going to make more of an impact than say, a mediocre laptop bag. It’ll be a lot cheaper to get a fancy pen as opposed to a fancy laptop bag… which to be fair, your client probably already has.

Corporate Gifting Ideas - Accounts And Finance


In the manufacturing sector, your clients probably spend most of their time travelling from the corporate offices to the factories to the offices of their clients. This sort of work life is bound to take a toll on your body which is only built to handle so much.

So how do you please someone that spends most of their time travelling? Give them a day of pampering and rest ofcourse. This can be done by gifting your client’s spa days and other services alike that offer relaxation of both the mind and body.

Simply head online and find the closest spa to either their workplace or home (if you know where they live).

Corporate Gifts for Manufacturer Clients

Technology And Innovation

The field of technology and innovation is probably one of the most creative fields out there. Multiple companies, services and products fall under this category. Whether it’s web development technologies or technologies that change the way we think, this field requires a lot of thought and that can take up serious amounts of time.

Now I would strongly advice against gifting clients in the field of technology any sort of gadget. This is because they probably already have it, or know of a product better than your gift idea.

 So, what do you gift a client in the field of tech? Well considering they spend all day looking at a screen, why not gift them something to take the stress of their eyes? Say an eye massager? Yes, that’s a real thing and it might be something your tech clients aren’t aware of…unless they designed it ofcourse.

Corporate Gifts for IT people


This is another one of those fields that requires creativity beyond what’s considered healthy. Marketers spend most of their days trying to work out how to create a product image for someone else’s product. People who’ve worked in marketing will tell you coffee is their best friend…. And they are most definitely not lying.

So, why not gift your clients a portable cold coffee maker to help them beat the heat? This is bound to be appreciated by them especially during the hot summer months when drinking hot coffee is more torturous than stimulating for your mind.

Corporate Gifts for Marketing Clients

So… do you get what I mean? You know their industry and you know them. Use that knowledge to get them something they’ll appreciate or something that will give them a laugh. This is bound to create a longer lasting impression than using one of the generic “unique corporate gift ideas for clients” you found on the internet.

If you need any help curating or ideating on corporate gifts for your clients, send us an inquiry here (Anchor text for our inquiry page). We’ll get back to you as soon possible.

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