Corporate Gifting Ideas To Keep Your Employees Happy

When it comes to corporate gifting in India, businesses across the nation have lots of potential gifting opportunities. With the sheer number of festivals in India, Indian companies tend to run out of unique corporate gifting ideas to keep their employees motivated and satisfied.

However, even with the same festival every year, companies have plenty of scope to get creative. You don’t have to gift your employees something fancy or something cool, just gift them something that will actually come of use and not just be put away like every other corporate gift they’ve ever received.

So, now that I’m done beating around the bush, let’s get to it.

Corporate Gifting Ideas For Diwali


Corporate Gifting Ideas for Diwali

As far as Diwali is concerned, the number of unique gifting ideas you can think up are nearly endless. But for some reason, most corporates only think as far as diyas & sweets. Which is fine… except the fact that they do this year in year out.

So, what can you do this time around that’s different? Well, for starters, Diwali is a religious festival, which means a lot of praying takes place during this time. So why not gift your employees the pooja essentials they need for their prayers? We all know how religious the Indian population is and one can bet that your employees would prefer pooja items to boring old diyas.

“Pooja Essentials” with respect to Diwali can range from Lord Vishnu Idols, Pooja Samagris or proper gift boxes that contain everything you need to conduct your prayers in an authentic & traditional manner. Depending on the funds you have allocated, you could go for a relatively inexpensive idol or slightly more costly products like the pooja gift boxes.

Now, some companies may want to keep things as low cost as possible. In this case, you can stick to the basics such as diyas, but just because the category of product is generic, doesn’t mean the product itself has to be. Instead of gifting diyas made of clay, you can gift your employees T-light stands or scented candles that can even be used post Diwali as home decor.

Corporate Gifting Ideas For Navratri’s


Corporate Gifting Ideas For Navratri’s

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Corporate gifts for Navratris is a thing? No, it’s not… but you can make it one. People all over the country fast during the Navratri’s praying for good fortune & prosperity.

So why not gift them something that can help them stay energized during their fast? For example, foods like ‘Kuttu ka Atta’ (buckwheat flour), ‘singhare ka atta’ (water chestnut flour) and other foods like fruits can be eaten during this fast without breaking any rules. These can be served up in your office during the festive period.

Employees are bound to appreciate such a gesture. Just think about it… if you’re working a 9 to 5 job without any food, you’re bound to lose your cool and get flustered. Being given foods you can consume without breaking any rules is definitely something you’d appreciate on a religious fast. So stay thoughtful, your employees are more likely to appreciate a gift that’s been given with some thought behind it. As opposed to gifts being given as a formality.

These are just a few suggestions and to be honest, if I tried to cover it all, I’d end up writing a book. That being said, the point of this article was to bring to light the importance of being thoughtful. So just think about what you’d like to be given and what you’d actually use the next time you’re looking for corporate gifting ideas.

Corporate Gifting Ideas For Conference Events


Corporate Gifting Ideas For Conference Events

If you’re company is holding a conference, whether on a small or large scale, chances are you’ll be looking to gift the attendees something or the other. A conference event is the perfect chance to promote your brand not only through the event and the discussions that take place but also by providing the attendees with promotional gifts bearing your company branding.

It’s important to ensure that the gifts given away in conferences are practical too. Companies usually just go with low quality laptop bags or something along those lines. The problem with that is, everyone working a corporate job probably already has their own laptop bag. So be different!

Instead, try gifting them decor items that are specific to the region where the conference is taking place. Region specific gifts have far more weightage than generic corporates gifts you receive all the time.
However, if you are going for a laptop bag, ensure it comes packed with unique goodies. They can either be corporate lifestyle items such as notepads, pens & industry specific books or something completely random like chocolates, wine or restaurant coupons.

The key to great corporate gifts, is understanding what your workforce or clientele would appreciate. If you can even get a remote idea of what you’re workforce or clientele likes, your corporate gifts will become more relevant and hence more valuable to those receiving them.

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