Corporate Gifting Vendors – What You Need To Know

Searching for ‘corporate gifts’ online is like looking for one particular piece of hay in a haystack. You’ll get more than a million results listing various corporate gifting services and corporate gifting ideas alike. Some of these would be organically present, others would be seen on your screen because of google ads. Either way, trusting a vendor goes further than who ranks 1st or who has the most appealing website.

So how does a company ensure it’s providing the best corporate gifts to its employees & clients? Let’s look into it.

1. If The Price Is Right

Now ofcourse money is a factor…when is it not? It’s important to remember how many gifts your company is looking to curate and for who. The larger the number, the greater the discount you should be receiving from your vendor.

It’s not just the number of products either, if your corporate gifting ideas are on the fancy side, no matter how much you order, you’ll still be looking at a significant dent in your wallet. So, work it out according to the organizational hierarchy.

To ensure you’re not getting ripped off, simply look for the retail price for the exact same product or a similar product online. This will give you some perspective and let you know how expensive or inexpensive your corporate gift ideas are.

2. Promote Your Brand, Not Theirs

Corporate Gifting India

A lot of brands complain about receiving their corporate gift orders with excessive branding representing the vendor. What you must not forget is that your corporate gifts are the perfect chance for you to place YOUR company branding on items that your employees will receive.

While it might not seem too significant. It does help remind your employee who’s out there looking after them. These items also help market your company even when employees leave as they tend to keep using the gifts given to them by their previous employer.

3. Communication

Again, this might sound a bit silly to say but it’s one of those basic issues almost everyone tends to ignore. You have to be able communicate the message you want your employees to receive, to your vendor, in order for them to get it right. This communication should include sharing “corporate gifting ideas” as only the right gift can send the right message.

In case you don’t already know, corporate gift ideas for employees should be very different from the corporate gift ideas for your clients. Therefore, it’s important your vendor knows who you’re trying to target.

Always talk to the vendor on the phone before committing. A phone conversation can help you gauge whether or not the vendor is motivated to get the gifts done exactly how you want them. If they show signs of disinterest and/or ignore your inputs, you can bet they aren’t going to give your order their 100%.

4. Personal Messages

Personal Message Corporate Gift

You know your employees better than the vendors you’re planning on hiring. Which is why it’s important that the vendors are willing or are able to add your personal messages onto or inside your corporate gift boxes (if that’s something you’re going for). A personal touch will connect with your employees better than a generic message that vendors usually come up with.

So, either let your vendors know how you want them to curate the message for your employees or send them the exact message you want the gifts to bear.

5. Samples

If your vendor is unwilling to give you samples, it’s probably because their quality isn’t what they’ve led you to believe. Always ensure you receive a sample before confirming and going ahead with an order.

Whether you’re ordering corporate gifts online or through a reference, you have the right to ask for a sample. If you’re denied… it’s probably time to look for a new vendor.

6. Company History

Ofcourse the history of your vendor is important. As a company, you must look into your potential vendors history including who they are, when they were formed, their previous customers and ofcourse, their reviews.

Without looking into or researching the above, you’re quite literally digging your own grave. Never go into business with someone or something you know nothing about.

7. Order Tracking

Track Corporate Gifts

Does your vendor have the appropriate pages to help you track your order? If not, do they let you know via email or text message?

These questions are of key importance when it comes to finding a vendor as not being able to track the status of your order can be highly problematic & stressful for the team handling your corporate gifts.

8. Guarantee

Once the above points have been investigated, the last but probably most important bit is the guarantee you’re to receive. This guarantee is not just reserved for timely delivery but should also cover what happens in case the products received are damaged or never make it to you at all.

Any good vendor would have contingency plans in place and would let you know the process in case such an event is to arise.

By following these basic rules, your company should be able to shortlist vendors with more efficiency. So, whether you’re looking for the best corporate gifts for your clients or for your employees, it’s important to keep the above in mind. Get it right and watch your employee / customer satisfaction increase like never before… Afterall, who doesn’t like a well thought out gift.

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